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How To Start The Process

Everything starts with an informal conversation about senior living in your family. Even if your family has strong relationships, it is convenient to review all options, highlight pros and cons, and address emotional questions with a sense of reality.

Whichever angle you are coming from, start by asking some important questions about how can improve what you are doing today;

Just start with observations of your actual situation, analyze health concerns, financial saving options, safe improvements... and then carefully start planning. This will take you to a meaningful conversation that will help your family find the right solution.

Making the transition from a home where you have lived in for many years to a new environment can be one stressful situation, difficult emotions for everyone involved. The family may feel apprehensive about suggestions and Seniors may feel guilty for being a burden, or deny that they are ready to make a transition at all... this is the time to share concerns, approach all your statements based on 'how you feel' about each particular situation and have handy a list of bills and expenses, so you can review real costs involved on the way the situation is being handled today.

It's very common to have crossed feelings and doubts, this is an important reason why you need to understand what is causing them and how they can be managed. You can resolve emotional uncertainty once you start understanding the origin of the problems and realize you don't have to face this journey alone.

Remember that with the help of today's assisted living communities, older adults are getting the most advanced and comprehensive care they need, while maintaining much of their independence and dignity in a place they can call home. Then continue with a simple conversation about what your senior can expect in the way of general health and wellness as they age, and what their future lifestyle and care might include.

Another important component, is that assisted living communities alleviate the challenge of care from the families, and in turn this new possibility opens options to enhance the quality of life for Seniors.

And please... don't feel as you have to work through this process on your own. At Villa Natura we not only offer care and living solutions, we also help Seniors and their family members learn how to reduce the stress and emotional uncertainty associated with making the transition.