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We provide our Seniors a world of healthy spa treatments... to stimulate circulation, keep their range of motion, gain emotional and physical well-being. Our primary focus is to encourage residents to forget about getting old... we center their attention on energetic growth, healthier, longer and more joyful lives through the best body SpaClub routines anywhere.

At award-winning Villa Natura SpaClub, you can relax, revitalize and savor a setting of tranquility, beauty and joy. From luxurious facials, massages and our exclusive Thalasso pool of sea-water... to thermal environments and fitness services to fortify your body. Classes and consultations with wellness professionals, extraordinary services and the warm personal attention for which we are renowned.

The benefits of massage for the elderly are equally as important as those for athletes— "it stimulates circulation, releases endorphins and keeps their range of motion intact" as stated by the Geriatric Massage Institute, based in Indianapolis. Benefits of massage for our Seniors, with or without illness, oscillates from the physical to the psychological fields, since they receive tremendous benefits from healing touch... increased blood flow, stress reduction and a sense of comfort.

The key to providing such benefits, however, lies in being aware of how bodywork treatments need to be modified for the safety and well-being of our Seniors. Of course they all need to be medically cleared before receiving services—there are some conditions that may be contraindicated for certain body treatments. Our clients are often more frail and need to be massaged in a gentle way so as to avoid injury... if someone has arthritis, the therapist might want to focus gently on muscles and try to reduce tightness of the ligaments. Most of our conversations before a treatment pertains to determining whether there is a diabetic condition, heart issues and whether we need to avoid certain areas. With some conditions, like bone injuries or cancer, the Spa requires a doctor's note before the client can undergo a massage.

Our staff collects as much information as possible on its intake form. If we don't know exactly what a client's health issues are, we need to verify not only what is bothering that person on that day, but what continuing condition they might have. This is where intake and observance from our therapist's become crucial. Whether the client is in a wheelchair, has a walker, is vision- or hearing-impaired or even needs help dressing or undressing—we understand that the more we know about the client beforehand, the better services we can provide. Some elderly clients are extremely health-conscious and take superb care of their bodies, these clients may be able to receive massage treatment similar to those given to healthy 55 year-olds. But at the end of the day, our therapists understand the limitations and wellness goals unique to our Seniors, this is why therapist education is an ongoing effort. We are not a 'one-size-fits-all' type of spa... "We treat our Seniors as individuals and we work around their needs."

A recent study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that older people who are happy actually live longer, they even have a 35% lower risk of dying, than unhappy Seniors. The report is part of the longest-running study on aging, which means the information is credible. Therefore, the question becomes … what makes older people happy?. According to the study, emotional and physical well-being are two important keys to happiness for older people, and ultimately, their longevity. With this in mind, spa treatments that cater to the physical and emotional needs of elderly, can actually keep Seniors young!. This is good news for our Seniors looking for ways to remain youthful.

Some of Villa Natura SpaClub specialized services include:

Treat yourself to a pampering day at the Spa. Think of all the years of luxury you have missed out on by not going before now, and set yourself on the way to spend your hard-earned retirement years making up for it.

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