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Resort Style

Imagine a Care Retirement Community in paradise... beaches of golden sand, blue crystal waters, surrounded by green mountains. Imagine a Resort Facility with swimming pools, water falls and unlimited activities for the elderly... and if you don't want to do anything, just relax in the pool and get a nice tan under the sun... we enjoy a year-around Spring Weather !!

We provide the highest quality of living for our Seniors in a resort atmosphere while keeping our residents involved in a number of activities and health programs with the goal in mind they can be out of nursing homes.

Welcome to a place you'll truly love to call home. We offer assisted living and skilled nursing services in exclusive private apartment suites for the adult community in a manner consistent with their home life.

At Villa Natura we go beyond the health and well being of our Seniors. Our professional and experienced staff are always available to provide a helping hand with bathing, dressing and personal grooming. With the tasks of daily living attended by our staff, our residents are free to enjoy the company of friends and family while participating in our enrichment programs.

Villa Natura is a philosophy and set of principles with the goal in mind to remake the experience of aging and disability. The core concept of the programs at Villa Natura is simple: we prove that independent and assisted living environments are not facilities for the frail and elderly, but literally oasis to improve wellness, keep a progressive mind, surrounded by activities and comfort. In doing so, we apply what Nature has taught us about the benefits of spirited, energetic and vigorous habitats.

Everything we do has been designed to battle the usual three setbacks often experienced by many elders; loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. Villa Natura has created a "humanitarian habitat" within a facility that includes resident animals, the infusion of children into residents' lives, an abundance of plants and gardens, a functional management style and most importantly, the participation of dynamic and experienced staff.

Our personnel realizes that each resident's needs and preferences are personal and unique. Likewise, the programs of assistance and enrichment are individualized for each one of our Seniors. This individual choice is at the heart of the "Villa Natura Philosophy". Love is where it all starts. Villa Natura combines a caring environment with fun, excitement and bonding. But our first concern is for your personal care and well-being. We are here not only to meet your physical needs, but to help you enjoy life to the fullest.

The beautiful suites at Villa Natura Resort, offer so many amenities, but at the same time provides a lovely home in each apartment. The ambiance is evocative of an upscale retreat or spa, with gourmet meals, a full exercise and aerobics center, comfortable furniture, thriving gardens, pools and waterfalls, jacuzzi, outdoor activities, mini-golf, fitness center, yoga and meditation center. Featuring decorations that reflect the area, our guestrooms surround you with relaxation. With earth-toned wall coverings, warm lighting and furnishings dressed in local fabrics, you will feel like you are one with the surroundings.

At Villa Natura we have designed programs with a full range of activities to help improve your complete wellness. Ranging from steam baths, jacuzzi, acquarobics, thalasso... to massages, meditation, aromatherapy and Yoga. These activities will fill your days with joy and excitement. Your meals are prepared on site and are included with the price of the stay. There are several types of accommodations to meet your family needs when they want to spend a few days with you, ranging from one person to family size units.

Villa Natura's programs and services are specifically designed to compliment one another for your maximum benefit during your stay. These five areas include:

Villa Natura is located within the Ixtapa Palace Resort set in the Golden Pacific shores of IXTAPA, MEXICO, beautifully situated between Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta, a place that many of our Seniors call their own Paradise. For maps and directions, click here. IXTAPA is one of the five most important tourist destinations in Mexico and because of its Marinas, Shopping Centers and Golf Courses, is on of the best kept secrets in the Pacific Riviera of Mexico. With International Airport and two hour direct flights from Houston, Texas and other US and Canada destinations.

In Ixtapa and Zihua's bay are the world famous La Madera, Principal and El Palmar beaches. Ixtapa has 18 beaches and bays and the Ixtapa Island, with the most beautiful surroundings you will ever see.

At Villa Natura, we pamper our Seniors with warmth, comfort, love, and when wanted... a hug. Villa Natura provides meals, in-house recreational and social activities, housekeeping, linen service, apartment maintenance and utilities are all included in a base fee. We provide round-the-clock nursing care and highest levels of assistance outside of a hospital, aid with daily life activities to meet physical, social and psychological needs. Villa Natura's Care Staff will provide medication assistance and supervision. Planned activities are plentiful, fun and entertaining.

Additional services are available to our Seniors who require special care. Each resident will receive an assessment on the individual care needed to make their stay at Villa Natura enjoyable. The base fee, which is usually sufficient, includes a variety of services. However, some Seniors may require a higher level of care that goes beyond the base fee.

At Villa Natura, we also understand family values and how important it is for couples to stay together. To help you keep your special bond, we offer independent apartments and specially discounted Companion Rates are available.
International Presence
Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is used as background for many international big screen movies and national television programs; it's not unusual to see a major movie star working or vacationing in our area.

One of the luxurious hotels located in Zihuatanejo's bay can be seen in the motion picture "When a Man Loves a Woman" (Touchstone Pictures, 1994) starring Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia.

Another classic movie introducing Zihuatanejo is "The Shawshank Redemption" (Columbia Pictures, 1994) starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. This movie motivated so many tourist to come and visit Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo for the very first time. "Red's" (Morgan Freeman) famous phrase "Zih... What?" is still fresh in the mind of the people that had fallen in love with our place.

"I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope I could be in Zihua..." -- Red.

Nightlife in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo can be active, relaxing or very romantic. Villa Natura at Ixtapa Palace Resort offers a large variety of tours and entertainment in and nearby Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. Most tours provide round trip transportation from Villa Natura, experienced bilingual guides, and a super fantastic time!