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Our Priorities

At Villa Natura we can make a big and positive difference in a Senior's living facility experience, because we focus on what it is important;

1: We have Fun on everything we do.

Age aside... what's life without plenty of fun? ... lots of opportunities to enjoy mornings and evenings?

Play cards, board games, live entertainment such as choral groups or magicians, and arrange for special indoor and outdoor activities. Activities professionals will take special care with each resident to ensure ourSeniors remain active and in good spirit.

Specialized rooms and classes for passionate Seniors that enjoy art or music, fitness, dancing and Yoga. Even a home theater setup for movies and video entertainment. Love golf ?.. two putting greens are right across the street.

2: Our Programs make a difference !!

Villa Natura offers a complete fitness facility, routines and even classes for residents. Acquarobics in dedicated pools to help our Seniors stay strong. We attend to seniors' well-being as a whole.... our SpaClub offers body therapies for the ultimate comfort and relaxation.

To keep the mind sharp our Seniors enjoy on-site libraries and computer centers. Another amenity for the well-being of the mind is memory management, also called memory care. Specialized memory care training involves specialists who offer activities that enhance dignity, build self-esteem, maintain interest and manage behavior of those whose memories are compromised.

As for the spirit, seniors may delight in strolls outside, or sitting amid blooming gardens and patios, we enjoy a year-around Spring Weather.

On-site coordinators who match seniors with various community volunteer opportunities, some of which are inter generational, offering seniors the opportunity to interact as tutors, or big brothers or sisters, to younger generations. As an important effort to the spiritual development of our Seniors, Villa Natura offers regular religious services.

3: Pampering is our motto.

Now that the basics are covered, it's time for a great service. Our staff will take care of cleaning and changing linens, doing the housekeeping and even washing the residents' laundry. On-site beauty salon and barber shop keep residents looking great, with hair washing and styling, grooming, manicures and pedicures. Our SpaClub offers in-house massage therapists who keep residents feeling great. And how about private dining?... our facility offers private rooms so our residents can have a special place to entertain family and friends, or celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

4: What You Want, When You Want It

We are all about our Seniors preferences with a high level of personalization. Individually controlled room heating and air conditioning, for example, is highly desirable for those who are more sensitive to temperature changes.

Is a senior a picky eater?... Villa Natura offers a variety of menu options for different tastes and dietary needs. Three meals a day, and the cuisine can vary from old-fashioned, meat-and-potatoes family-style dining to gourmet creations. In fact, residents can even submit their own menus.

5: At the end, everything is about Well-Being

Seniors move to Villa Natura to ensure they will be safe and receive needed physical and emotional care. Our professionally trained staff take care of all their daily needs, from bathing and dressing, to medication administration, individualized care plans, incontinence, catheter and diabetic management.

These services provide comfort to the Senior and easy family members concerns, knowing that staff will ensure the performance of these scheduled activities on time.

Features like bathrooms with accessible showers, grab bars, and plenty of space for walkers and wheelchairs. Each room have a call button... the ability to press a button when in crisis is an emotional comfort and can ensure quick assistance. Likewise, 24-hour security help residents feel safe in their beds.

Our Seniors' well-being is our first priority and we are prepared for the challenges, as the levels of required care adjust over time.

At Villa Natura, we are defining excellence in Senior Living Communities by ensuring that each one of our residents meet their daily physical, social and spiritual needs, with assurance to their loved ones, that the finest assisted nursing services and healthcare are here.