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Continuing Care

Our Programs provide optimal results for our Seniors, based on three components: Mind-Body Health, Nutrition-Exercise and Spirited Synergy Balance. Our Seniors are invited to participate in the programs, because the foods we eat, the physical activities we do, the inner spirit we seek and the emotions we feel... are all interconnected.

Mind-Body Health
At Villa Natura's Mind - Body programs , we have the ability to change negative attitudes and feelings into positive, rational, motivating thoughts. We encourage our Seniors to focus on a different constructive perspective in life. This is so important because it can greatly boost their chances of achieving what they want for their futures, including a more active and healthier lifestyle. The Mind - Body programs at Villa Natura was designed to add joy, purpose and meaning to the lives of our Seniors. Our main goal to life improvement means offering retirement activities and projects that reflect their talents, interests and personalities in each of our Continuing Care Retirement Communities, while also offering new experiences and ways of entertainment that will challenge them and keep them mentally healthy.

Our Director of Mind and Body Program plans a variety of exciting and educational events throughout the year, ranging from mentally healthy events to Independence Day cookout or Thanksgiving feasts. The goal is to keep our Seniors socially involved and provide their friends and families the opportunity to learn and celebrate with them.

The main focus of our staff is to program activities that are fun for the elderly, while also promoting mentally health challenges. Our activities incorporate all the basic components to maintain an active brain, tests to improve a sharp thinking, including social, spiritual, physical and intellectual aspects of mental well-being. The result is a wide variety of stimulating programs for our Seniors, which include the Explorers Club, the Challenging Games Team, the Dance Group, as well as Thalasso, Tai Chi, Yoga, training to become a guest speaker and visits to cultural events, just to name a few.

Keeping busy is not merely a matter of movement, our programs have been developed to maintain stimulation. Activities for our Seniors can also be geared toward those who have physical and/or mental limitations. Some programs for the elderly with activities that cater to such limits include: Depending on the physical and cognitive capabilities of our Seniors, the following are different ways in which we help'em to stay active and engaged in life; Our goal is to support our Seniors in finding a meaningful life and succeed in different goals each day. We use detailed questionnaires to understand their hobbies, careers and interests and then turn these abilities into activities in which they can participate every day.
Exercise Programs
There is nothing extreme about the Villa Natura's fitness programs, except that they are extremely healthy. Our routines and exercises has been found to not only promote flexible articulations and toned muscles but also prevent and control many of the world's leading killers, including diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

For optimal health and well-being, the Villa Natura Exercise and Nutrition Programs teaches our Seniors a comprehensive approach involving three different facets: Cardiovascular Conditioning, Strength Training and Flexibility.

The most rewarding complement from our Seniors at the end of some of the activities, is when they exclaim with a wide smile filled with satisfaction and pride... 'I feel soooo good !!' A great contributor to this "feel good" spirit of so many of our Seniors is the Villa Natura continuous education programs. Certainly, exercise is good for everybody for numerous medical reasons, such as diabetes and hypertension control and protecting against heart disease, but regular exercise also does wonders for their emotional health, staving off depression and anxiety, reducing stress, and helping them feel their best each and every day. For optimal health and well-being, the Villa Natura Exercise and Nutrition Programs is focus on three different facets: Though each element of the program is designed to be simple, practical, and easy to follow, routines increase in time and performance to accommodate all levels of fitness... from those who have never been in a formal exercise program to active seniors. After cardiovascular conditioning, our Seniors move to strength training classes with free weights or on alternating days, classes in abdominal crunches and stretching. For the first time many Seniors experience how relaxing and rejuvenating stretching can be. Some exercise classes, held daily at Villa Natura in the late morning and afternoon, include aqua-aerobics in the pool, yoga/meditation, Tai Chi, Zumba dancing, stretch and relax, cardio fitness, machine weights, and resist-bands.
Nutrition Programs
Our skilled and knowledgeable Chefs prepare three healthy, flavorful meals a day. They also work closely with our registered dieticians to accommodate our Seniors with a variety of dietary modifications, from low sugar to no salt-added diets. All meals are served in our restaurant-style by our helpful waiters. Some of the features include: Excellent taste and good nutrition are important to all our Seniors. Villa natura delivers distinctive dining programs through continued investments and research in culinary systems and training to ensure the best dining experiences for our Seniors.

Our professional Chefs develop programs designed to enhance the food preparation and presentation skills in our restaurants. The dining and culinary arts team at our Senior living facilities integrates hands-on training and classroom instructional materials that impart new food preparation skills and cutting edge techniques to enhance dining experiences.

Our Chefs are masters at creating traditional meals as well as a selection of fresh, flavorful dishes that use low-sodium, heart-healthy cooking techniques. We use only the freshest meat, seafood, produce, herbs and spices.

Our Seniors satisfaction is the number one priority in our restaurants. We ask for some feedback from our Seniors regularly and use that information to make improvements and additions to our menus. If there is a favorite recipe, our Chefs will gladly prepare that dish for everybody to enjoy during mealtime.

At Villa Natura, mealtime is the favorite part of the day for our Seniors !!
Spirited Synergy Balance
Getting into nature and breaking from the usual story-lines of our lives helps us to tap into our own deeper consciousness. Inner Guidance is one of our programs at Villa Natura with optimal effect in our Seniors. More than intuition, it's the ability to try to understand others without speaking... to know some of their reactions and accept what they do, to feel what is best for others in the community and for you at all times. Perhaps most importantly, make an effort to be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, in every moment.

We encorage or Seniors to ask themselves these questions; What would possibly happen if I make the effort? What would my life be like if I start today? What would I do, if I had the highest wisdom available to myself at all times? ...our Seniors involved in this kind of experiences and trainings have reported 80% improvement on their daily lives, they create more love and ease in relationships, more abundance, health, even enjoy spiritual guidance. Life just gets easier. They get more energy and health at the highest level by learning how to follow their inner guidance. With this new approach to the intuitive decision making process, it is possible to feel more vivacious, a spirited energy, with real sense of happiness at all times.

Recent studies have proven that boredom and depression can have a very real effect on physical, emotional and mental health. This doesn't just apply to teens or thirty-somethings. Actually, for seniors, boredom and depression can be lethal. Our residents under rehab are often advised on methods to alleviate their own depression after long periods of healing, but what about the elderly ?. Are their needs being met?

Age-related declines in memory and cognition are often blamed on physical illnesses and disease processes, but did you know that depression is also a major cause of such declines? Depression is a treatable illness. Social isolation and loneliness are risk factors for depression particularly if there is no support of any kind of spiritual conduct. Sure, we all slow down as we grow older, but we need to keep our elders engaged in activities that help them maintain an active mind and keep them engaged and interested in the emotional state of an spiritual life. The New England Journal released results of a five-year study that found seniors who regularly joined in spiritually stimulating activities, enjoyed a reduced risk of depression and even dementia.

We are in continuous search to find new ways to help prevent such rise in depression or physical decline caused by spiritual indifference. It's not always easy to find just the right path that might help pull a lonely, sad or frustrated Senior out of this condition, but we take this as our responsibility.

With aging, continuing to do the things that you have always enjoyed doing may seem difficult to achieve. But it doesn't have to be this way, in fact, defining the life you want to live based on spiritual accomplishments, setting goals and priorities, and building a plan will allow you to experience and enjoy daily activities and lead to a balanced, happy life. To help our Seniors to enrich and balance a spiritual life, Villa Natura supports the Natural Life philosophy. We believe all individuals regardless of age or physical conditions can and should live life to the fullest. We support our residents in achieving their Natural Life by supporting their well-being across six key conceptions: Purposeful, Emotional, Physical, Social, Spiritual and Intellectual. Villa Natura creates evidence-based programs designed to provide you with opportunities in each of these dimensions.

Through listening and understanding our Seniors interests, needs, and desires we partner to provide opportunities for exercise, volunteerism, giving back, life-long learning, connecting through technology, well-being management, spiritual engagement, and much more.

Villa Natura is committed to support the well-being of every resident we serve.