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Advance Directives
The term "Advance Directives" refers to your treatment preferences and the designation of a surrogate decision-maker in the event that you should become unable to make medical decisions on your own behalf. Advance Directives are written instructions about what future medical care you want, should you become unconscious or too ill to communicate.

Do Not Resuscitate Order
This document instructs health care professionals that no steps should be taken to restart a person's heart when it stops or to get you breathing again if you stop breathing. A DNR order is normally a result of your healthcare directive, which says that you do not want measures to be taken to keep you alive. The decision to not resuscitate a person must be made by you, or by your agent for healthcare, on a living will or healthcare directive. You do not write a DNR order for yourself.

Instead, you make your wishes known to your physician, who writes a DNR order if and when your condition warrants it. The DNR order addresses your current state of health and the kind of medical treatment you and your physician decide is appropriate under current circumstances.

Living Will
A living will describes and instructs how you want end-of-life health care managed. A living will is one type of advance directive. It takes effect when you are terminally ill.

Facing a life changing crisis can be an emotional roller coaster for many families. A legal expert or elder attorney can assist with addressing and completing the necessary end-of-life documents. Implementing these important Advance directives can help families addressing tough decisions about future treatments, care-giving concerns, and financial arrangements.

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