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Life Insurance Policy

If you are looking for ways to finance a senior living arrangement, then using a life insurance policy to help pay for your care may be a very good option.

The Life Care Assurance Benefit Program allows a senior to use a life insurance policy to help pay for long-term care and housing by converting a portion of the policy while preserving a death benefit, into a long-term care benefit that is paid directly to Villa Natura Community.

This option can act as a "funding bridge" allowing seniors to move into our Community without delay. You may consider you can get a far greater value from a life insurance policy by converting it, then let the policy lapse or by surrendering it back the insurance company.

Many seniors and their families have found the option of the Life Care Assurance Benefit extremely helpful as an alternative source of funding to the hasty sale of a home, securities, or other more dearly held assets during a time of transition into a senior living arrangement.

Here are some of the other benefits to a Life Care Assurance Benefit:

Availability and terms may vary by state. For more information about this financial solution, inquire at your senior living community or call the Life Care Funding Group at 1-888-670-7773. Or please visit